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Automate My Business

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

My name is Dave and I started this blog to help businesses become more efficient. I have been a computer programmer for over 30 years. For most of my career I have been helping business create bespoke software to help them run their businesses. I have done a great job and created some very impressive IT systems.

Many years ago at the beginning of my career everyone was predicting that computers would take over the work place. Thirty years later computers have made a big impact but they have also created jobs! Every day I see busy staff entering data on systems or producing reports and emailing them to their boss.

Why with the computer power we have today do we not get the computer to do the job? We can easily automate repetitive tasks. So why don’t we do it? Well the answer is that most people do not understand what we could automate.

This blog has been setup to help you understand what is possible. Using some of the techniques and systems I will show you how you can say good bye to boring / repetitive jobs.