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Hootsuite Review – Manage All Your Social Media Marketing In One Place

Hootsuite Review

We all know that social media marketing is an important part of any modern business. Managing your social media accounts however is a huge waste of time. It is really difficult to login into a social media account without checking your news feed. It is so easy to get distracted.

How many times have you logged into Facebook to view your page feed and then got involved in viewing what your friends are doing, getting tempted by those powerful sponsored ads. What should be just a couple of minutes to check on messages to your page and exposure of your latest post can easily turn into half an hour or longer.

The odd half hour probably isn’t that bad but we no longer just have the one social media account. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr, LinkedIn, You Tube as well as WordPress blogs in our business.

We often work with businesses that employ a full time social media manager and some organisations that have a team. Getting social media right is an art but wasting time is not acceptable.

The solution we use is Hootsuite. This is a great piece of software that enables us to:

  1. Manage all our social media post from one place. No need to keep logging into different systems.
  2. We can see engagement and respond from one interface.
  3. We can post to all our social media accounts all at once by creating just one post.
  4. Hootsuite monitors our blog and automatically puts a post linking back to the blog on all our social media accounts.
  5. We get great analytics to monitor the effectiveness of our campaigns.
  6. Hootsuite gives us great insights into our marketing
  7. Using the Hootsuite extensions we can quickly make posts from other people’s content.

Social media marketing still requires some effort on our part but we estimate a saving of 90% on our time. Some of our clients have seen huge time savings and more importantly they have seen an increase in social media engagement and sales as it is so easy to manage all your accounts.

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