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People are worried that automation will take over their jobs

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I remember the 80’s when the cost of computing drop dramatically and we started to see computers in offices and enthusiast homes. Everyone was scared that these new machines and robots would take away everyone’s jobs. They painted pictures of fully automated businesses – only the engineers and programmer’s jobs were safe.

Since then advancements in technology have taken over many jobs as they promised however if we look at unemployment levels this has not dramatically changed. What we have is different types of jobs. Many of the jobs that technology has replaced have made our life’s so much better. Lots of the boring, mind numbing, repetitive jobs are now confined to the history books.

Automation however has not really made the impact it should have done. Most businesses use technology as a tool for an employee. It makes the employee more efficient and gives them access to huge databases. Unfortunately, most small business seemed to have stopped there. Automation and robots are for manufacturing not for a normal business is the normal response. The emphasis for most businesses is on making the software more powerful and available from where ever you are. Little effort is being put into automating processes so they no longer need an operator. Most IT managers are looking to implement great software and technology but lack the vision or skills to re-engineer the process.

I think the reason for this lack of automation is down to a number of reasons:

  1. We tend to want to do things in a similar way and always look at improving rather than re-engineering
  2. Sub consciously we want to make sure we all have a job
  3. Most people are not aware of what is possible.
  4. Users resistance makes it difficult to even talk about the opportunities

Let’s look at these points in some more detail.

We like to do things the same way

I speak with many business owners, managers and employees every day who tell me they are open to change. I believe them but when it comes to a big shift in working practises a wall goes up. What they say and what they are willing to do are two different things. Instead of spending my time on process automation I end up becoming a change coach. I carefully present the changes to ensure they take ownership and they feel that it was their great ideas. It’s a skill I have had to build over many years of trying to implement change. The main trick I use is to always start small. From small wins we progress to bigger and better solutions.

We do not want to lose our jobs

Of course nobody wants to lose their job but the harsh commercial reality is that the business that grasp automation fully will have lower costs, perform better and stay profitable. Those that continue with the old thinking will find their market share will reduce as customer’s drift away to the businesses that offer better service, product and price. By not being open to change you are putting yours and your team’s jobs at risk. By automating some tasks, you ensure the continued strength and profitability of your organisation. Now your job may change but with automation we can quickly help you grow your business. Good employees will always be needed and in many cases businesses that have grasped the opportunities continue to grow and increase headcount. Your best option is to learn what is possible and be the go to guy in your organisation on business process automation. If you become a fan of automation your job will be secure and you could become the superhero within your business or industry.

Most people are not aware what is possible with automation

The reason we created this blog was to start raising awareness of what is easily possible today. You don’t have to have a degree in software programming to save hours in your business everyday. Every week we will highlight some of the task we worked on over the last few days. Some of them will take just an hour or so to implement and others will be major projects taking weeks. As we stated earlier it is better to start with a few small wins first before thinking about the big projects. We offer a full blueprint of what can be done and how to do it. Click here to get your copy. Remember to come back to this blog regularly to pick up new ideas every week.

Users resistance

To combat user resistance we spend a lot of time working with them to educate them and bring them around to our way of thinking. We do however encounter people who are not willing to move with the times and dig their heels in. If they are not for turning, then they will not fit into the business of the future and we need to move or lose them. If you are the one putting up resistance, then look for another job. There will always be organisations that are happy with the status quo. We cannot however say how long they will survive. Technology and client expectation is moving forward very quickly. The only way to have a more secure job or business is to be at the front of technology rather than sittings still and waving at your competition as they travel at great speeds past you leaving you to eat their dust.


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Don’t get left behind – automate to save your business / job!


Dave - The Automation Expert

Dave is a software automation expert. He spends his days helping businesses automate their operation. If you would like help automating your business just fire Dave an email (helpme@AutomateMy.Buisness).

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