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Marketing Automation Overview

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation simply refers to the process of using software and other Web-based services to streamline, execute, manage and automate marketing processes like campaign management, customer data integration and customer segmentation, workflows and tasks. This automation increases operational efficiency and improves growth of revenue since processes that would have been done manually are now done much more efficiently when this repetitive and manual processes are replaced by purpose-built applications and software geared toward performance.

One of the key advantages of marketing automation is the fact that it is an integral component for customer relationship management. Moreover, marketers commonly use email marketing and marketing automation interchangeably, despite the fact that email marketing is actually a component of marketing automation. By combining retention channels to disparate customer acquisition, marketing automation greatly improves your company’s conversion funnel.

From this then, we can take marketing automation to act as the link between various touch points and marketing channels for example content marketing, email marketing and social media.  The main goal for marketing automation is to long term nurture prospects and focus on goals beyond direct sales.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation

Other additional advantages of marketing automation include:

  • Making it much easier to send targeted personalized messages, and in turn strengthening communication.
  • Automating marketing gives you the time to focus more on the quality of your messaging and campaigns.
  • Marketing automation makes it easier to collect data on a prospect’s interests and goals. This in turn helps the marketing team to add a personal touch to your marketing strategies.
  • You can even custom tailor future offers to make them more relevant to clients. By adding dynamic content based on a user’s specific profile, you can send out targeted offers in regards to website patterns.
  • Marketing automation allows for segmentation of your customers. That can be achieved by categorizing prospects and customers based on common interests, behaviors and demographic details.
  • Marketing automation also helps you to develop optimal marketing patterns. That way your company can be able to test out different variables for example ideas for personalization, email send times, and subject headings.
  • Through marketing automation, it is possible to integrate marketing channels. This enables you to deliver great cross-platform user experiences. This can be done by ensuring each touch point is carefully set out for optimal conversion optimization.
  • Best of all, marketing automation is one of the most user-friendly marketing channels in the market today being that it is tailored for personalized user experiences as opposed to blasting audiences with advertising messages. This is simply a way to lead and guide prospects through the sales conversion funnel.

Getting Started on Marketing Automation

Marketing automation requires software. There are many software packages on the market which do a great job. Our preferred choice is Click Funnels. It’s a really powerful marketing / sales automation system that is really easy for non-techie’s to use.


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