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Automated Billing – Accountants Case Study

Billing Process

Last week I spent a couple of days in an Accountancy firm. They wanted to improve their billing process as it took days every month to produce bills from the time recording system.

They had good time recording software but it was not part of their accounting system. The monthly billing was all produced manually and then posted to the accounts system. For years the current system had worked well for them but as they grew it became an almighty task and both fee earners and support staff spent most of the last few days of the month focusing on getting the billing out rather than earning money.

We automated the whole process using WinAutomation and it now only takes a few minutes to review the bills by each fee earner before they are automatically produced and posted. This has freed up time and should result in an increase in revenues of 5% – 10%.

Let map out what the automation bot does:

  1. Extracts data from the time recording system and groups it by fee earner, job and work type.
  2. It picks up data from a central log of all fixed monthly billing (e.g. Fix monthly payroll costs).
  3. It creates a review spreadsheet for each fee earner. This lists the proposed billing for each client all summarised in the correct format.
  4. Each fee earner is emailed the spreadsheet for review.
  5. The fee earners now have to manually review the spreadsheet. If they want to amend the billing for any client, they can do it directly on the spreadsheet. The review process takes 15 mins or so. This manual review is not ideal for an automated system but gives they the ability to make manual adjustments. We produced the review documentation in a spreadsheet as it is a tool they know well and comfortable with. When happy they just click the button we have placed on the spreadsheet to produce he bills.
  6. Our software bot now gets to work. First it extracts the data from the billing spreadsheet. It creates individual itemised bills for each client and prints them out.
  7. The automation system then loads the Sage accounts system and automatically posts the invoices to the client ledger.
  8. Job Done!

This is a nice simple system and the cost for us to create the system was half the cost of billing admin for the first month.

The automated software bot will do every month on autopilot.

New staff no longer need to be shown how to produce bills.

They no longer need to worry when staff are off at the end of the month. The job is still done.

What simple tasks could we automate in your business that could save you days every month?

Dave - The Automation Expert

Dave is a software automation expert. He spends his days helping businesses automate their operation. If you would like help automating your business just fire Dave an email (helpme@AutomateMy.Buisness).

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