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Automate Instagram – Hundreds of leads / sales every week on autopilot!

Get lots of leads from Instagram on autopilot

We have been using Instagram to get hundreds of free high quality leads to our business every day and I am now going to share with you how you can have this automated system working for you.
Instagram is the world’s fastest growing social network. They currently have over 400 Million active users – that’s just mad. The really surprising fact is that the users are more than 50 times more likely to engage with you than Facebook.

With stats like this and the fact that it is free to use Instagram and engage with users we had to find a way to make it work for business. Over the past six months we have developed some really sophisticated software and the results have been amazing.

Here is what our software does:

Follow Users
We will find users who would be interested in your business/products and automatically follow them. We can even follow users that have followed your competition.

Unfollow Users
If users have not followed you back after a few days we will unfollow them. This will keep your following totals at the rights level

Post Photos and Videos
We will keep your profile active by automatically posting new content for you.

Direct Messages
This is a game changer. Every time a user follows you back we will send them a direct message. Imagine the power to send them a message about your business. We have even worked out how to include an image in the message.

Like Photo’s
Our software will track down images related to your niche and like them for you.

Post comments
We will comment on post in your niche

Now you can of course do this all manually but you will get bored and you could not do this 7 days a week / 24hrs a day.

We are going to make this software to world very soon and are currently adding extra features and producing the sales web site.

We are however looking for 20 companies to help us test the software. If you would like to get in early and get 100’s of new leads from Instagram then please get in touch. The retail price for this service is going to be just £29 a month but for early beta tester’s the price is just £19 a month. Once we launch the product you will stay at the early bird rate of just £19.

There is no sales page or order form yet so just drop us an email ( and we will get you all setup.

The software runs on our servers and we will do all the work. You just need to provide us with your website, contact details and details about the services / products you provide. We will do the rest. Not bad for an investment of just £19. You can of course stop at any time.

Please note that setup will take 7-10 days. We will start slow and ramp up the system over a couple of months. If we start getting 1000’s of followers quickly it raises flags with Instagram and they will close your account (we know this from bitter experience). If we grow it slowly they are really happy.
If you want to exploit Instagram in your business get in touch now –

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