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Tools: Automate Instagram using FollowLiker

Today I want to share a great tool we use for gaining 100’s of new followers everyday from Instagram. Now Instagram is growing rapidly and should not be ignored. Recent reports show that engagement from Instagram is 52 times greater than Facebook. Our work with clients has been really impressive especially as using the tool I will show you in the video the traffic is free. There are not many…
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Get a copy of our latest book and training on Automating Instagram

We have just finished our latest book on how to Automate Instagram. The book will cover all the basics of how to get bucket loads of leads from Instagram. Once you have read the book which will give you all the basic information you need we will guide you through setting up a fully automated system via video training. At the end of this course (5 days) you will be…
Process Automation
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Automation Project Examples

  I believe computers should do all the repetative jobs. It frustrates me to see staff employed to run reports everyday and email them to the manager. It’s a waste of time for staff to get info from one systems and type it into another. What a waste of money that is! I can set you PC to perform your repetitive tasks automatically. Some examples of projects Estate agent software…
Hootsuite Review
Automate Marketing / Sales Blog Tools We Use

Hootsuite Review – Manage All Your Social Media Marketing In One Place

We all know that social media marketing is an important part of any modern business. Managing your social media accounts however is a huge waste of time. It is really difficult to login into a social media account without checking your news feed. It is so easy to get distracted. How many times have you logged into Facebook to view your page feed and then got involved in viewing what…
Job Robot
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People are worried that automation will take over their jobs

I remember the 80’s when the cost of computing drop dramatically and we started to see computers in offices and enthusiast homes. Everyone was scared that these new machines and robots would take away everyone’s jobs. They painted pictures of fully automated businesses – only the engineers and programmer’s jobs were safe. Since then advancements in technology have taken over many jobs as they promised however if we look at…
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Marketing Automation Overview

Marketing Automation Marketing automation simply refers to the process of using software and other Web-based services to streamline, execute, manage and automate marketing processes like campaign management, customer data integration and customer segmentation, workflows and tasks. This automation increases operational efficiency and improves growth of revenue since processes that would have been done manually are now done much more efficiently when this repetitive and manual processes are replaced by purpose-built…
Billing Process
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Automated Billing – Accountants Case Study

Last week I spent a couple of days in an Accountancy firm. They wanted to improve their billing process as it took days every month to produce bills from the time recording system. They had good time recording software but it was not part of their accounting system. The monthly billing was all produced manually and then posted to the accounts system. For years the current system had worked well…
Get lots of leads from Instagram on autopilot
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Automate Instagram – Hundreds of leads / sales every week on autopilot!

We have been using Instagram to get hundreds of free high quality leads to our business every day and I am now going to share with you how you can have this automated system working for you. Instagram is the world’s fastest growing social network. They currently have over 400 Million active users – that’s just mad. The really surprising fact is that the users are more than 50 times…
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10 Reasons Automating Your Business Is The Best Decision You Can Make

Since the 90’s there have been lots of changes in terms of maximizing automation as opposed to re-engineering business processes. This has been aided by the fact that cloud computing has become more successful and there are more technological advancements now, which has hastened the development of business automation instead of re-engineering. As your business grows, there will be a higher demand to perform more complex, repetitive and labor-intensive duties…
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On-Site Training

We will spend the day with you on your site looking at the opportunities to automate your business. The cost to hire us for the day is £850 and includes a free copy of WinAutomation (Saving £300) which is one of the best tool to automate your business. If you are outside the South East of England we will also charge for travel at 45p a mile. Contact us for…